GadgetBoy3D presents various courses catering for individuals with different levels of experience in emerging tech industries. 

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Course 1: Introduction to 3D printing & presentation of our products and/or services:

  • 1 hour session; groups of max 10 people - Free
  • These workshops are suited for people who are looking at purchasing a 3D printer and want to learn more about 3D printers and various material.
  • Public introductory workshops are announced on our Facebook page and private bookings can be made at For children’s workshops – see Education section. 

Course 2: 3D printing for beginners:

  • 2 hour training session; groups of max 5 people - N$ 2 000
  • Similar to our Introduction to 3D Printing workshops. A walk-through of the basic skills necessary to make your first 3D printed item.
  • Topics covered: Intro to 3D scanning. Demonstrate small design. Use FDM 3D printer and beginner slicing software. Take home your own 3D printed keychain. 

Course 3: Master your multi-tool machine:

  • 4 hour training session; groups of max 5 people – N$ 4 000
  • Combining different manufacturing technologies. Training on how to operate your multi-tool machine (3D printer, laser engraver & CNC).
  • Free training for individuals who purchased a Zmorph 2.0 SX)
  • Topics covered: Safety guidelines for multiple technologies.  Introduce advanced slicing software. Introduction to 3D printing, Laser cutting/engraving, CNC. Create multi-colour/multi-material 3D printed items. Take home Zmorph sample pack.

Course 4: Advanced training session: 

  • 6 hour weekend workshop (2 days – 3hours/day); One-on-one – N$ 6 000
  • Create your first functional design and 3D print complex items
  • Topics covered: Introduction to 3D printing, design and 3D scanning. Make the most of your slicing software. Information on working with ABS, flexible and exotic material. Design functional items. Optimize designs for 3D printing. Maintenance of your 3D printer and troubleshooting. Take home your own 3D printed selfie. 

Course 4: Assemble your 3D printer:  

  • 10+ hours of assembly, 2 days - 5 hours/day; one-on-one  – N$ 10 000
  • Learn to assemble and operate your own FDM 3D printer
  • Topics covered: Basics of 3D printing.  Assemble your 3D printer. Modifications to 3D printer. Optimal use of your 3D printer. Maintenance of your 3D printer and troubleshooting. Take home your own 3D printer


  • You may be asked to bring a laptop and mouse.
  • WiFi available at the store. Parking is available nearby.
  • No food and drinks allowed at store – breaks will be allowed for advanced courses.
  • The courses are held at the store. Contact us for appointments