GadgetBoy 3D Solutions cc (T/A GadgetBoy3D), is a 3D Technology Company, based in Namibia, that provides 3D solutions to various industry problems.

GadgetBoy3D is Namibia's first full service, physical store, focused on providing solutions to 3D technology needs. The physical location serves as a store, digital factory, training facility, and maker-space. The business model was designed around creating a space that empowers consumers to become creators, using 3D printing and other associated 3D technology.

Although GadgetBoy3D provides additive manufacturing (3D printing) services to multiple industries in Namibia, two service departments (MineTech3D and EdTech3D) were created, for the industries of expertise. The former is focused on providing 3D Solutions for the mining industry and the latter serves as the Educational department of the service division.

The company utilises some of the latest developments in 3D technology, such as 3D scanning, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to further enhance low production manufacturing services, such as desktop 3D printing. The capabilities of the company are further strengthened by a strong global network of cutting-edge technology suppliers.

GadgetBoy3D aims to fuel the development and use of emerging, disruptive innovations that will have a major impact on society and future business ecosystems, to enrich Namibia and other developing African countries.

The Team

The team (with more than 7 years of experience working with CAD designs and more than 3 years of experience in 3D printing and other emerging technology), collaborates with design and 3D printing specialists from all  over  the  world;  to  provide  a  dedicated,  professional  service with an internationally  acceptable standard. The rest of the team consists of temporary staff such as interns representatives and contractors. Contractual partnerships with companies in various industries have been established, to assist on projects beyond the team’s scope of work.






CEO - Technical Project Manager- Lead designer


Lucinda Ockhuizen

COO - Director of Education - Creative Technologist


Our “brick-and-mortar” store is a fusion of a training area; showroom/gallery; shop and work-space. Customers can visit the store and view the 3D printers, buy 3D printers, explore the gallery of 3D printed products, learn how to customize or create their own 3D printed product and/or have a 3D printed product created!  

The current fleet of 3D printers (Figure 2) consists of some of the most professional machines in their respective ranges. These machines are regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure they produce the very best quality products



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Address: Makarios Center, Cottage Avenue, Swakopmund, Namibia

 Opening hours:

 Monday Friday08:00 - 12:0014:00 - 18:00

Saturdays: Appointments, workshops, events, etc.

Sundays and Public holidays: Closed

 Contact details:

Phone number: + 264 64 46 04 04

E-mail address: info@gadgetboy3d.com

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